Reminders for Parents (March 10, 2012)

We would like to thank those of you who attended the first Open Board Meeting last Friday and shared your feedback with us. We welcome your feedback at any time either via an e-mail of in person. And, we hope that more of you will participate in the next meeting!

If anyone would like to see minutes from the meeting, please email us. We will gladly share the minutes with those who are interested.

1. Daylight Saving Time Begins this Sunday, March 11!

At 2 a.m. on the morning of Sunday, March 11, we’ll be springing our clocks forward – and losing an hour of the day. The good news: sunset will be an hour later.

2. March Donations – Reminder

Tuition second installment is due in March. Please include your check payable to “Polish School of Charlotte” in your child’s folder.

3. Release and Authorization Policy Form

This is another friendly reminder that we need everyone’s release forms before we are able to share pictures or videos of your children. If you have yet to return the form, please return the filled out and signed form in your child’s folder.

4. “Krakowiak” Performance

The students continue to improve their “Krakowiak moves”.

We have started working on costumes design and calling all moms and dads who like to do crafts to help us getting materials and making them. If you or a family member is interested in helping with the costumes, please contact Hanna Kobylas by emailing us (we will forward your email to her).

5. End of Semester Celebration

During the Open Board Meeting on Friday, February 24, we discussed possible locations for the end of the first semester celebration. Final decision has not been made yet.

Anyone who is interested in helping with planning and organizing the event, please contact Mr. Mariusz Wizgala by emailing us (we will forward your email to him).

6. Volunteers

Parents’ assistance during classes is invaluable! By volunteering your time you will help the teachers to ensure that your child benefits from the school while having a good time.

Please use the SignUpGenius links below to sign up for the future sessions.