Change of Location for Sunday March 25

This Sunday’s classes will be held between 2 and 5pm at Freedom Park in Charlotte.  The students will be celebrating the end of Winter/beginning of Spring – language will be taught using the nature around them; during art, they will be making items related to Easter.  We will end the day with a parade of students and parents led by the two “Marzannas” students made last Sunday.

Important: Please confirm by email that you have received notification that the location for school this week has been changed and that your child will be/will not be in attendance. We intend on contacting those who do not respond by phone.

Freedom Park – Location and driving directions can be found by clicking on this link.

We have reserved Shelters #2, 5 & 6 for our school. Please see the park’s map available via the above link.

 Please note the following VERY important details:

  1. Please plan to stay with your child(ren) for the entire session.
  2. We would like all students (and parents, if possible) to wear Polish national colors or T-shirts with Polish logo or motif. Let’s celebrate our nationality along with our children!
  3. Please try to arrive early so that we can begin on time.
  4. After you park your car, please look for Polish flag. There will be parents directing everyone from the parking lot to the shelters.
  5. Bring a folding chair if you happen to have one.
  6. There are bathrooms on premises. However, since they are located a significant distance from where the students will be sitting, please make sure you take your child(ren) to use the bathroom prior to the beginning of the classes.

Should the event be cancelled due to rain, we will let you know by phone and e-mail on Sunday, March 25th.