Financial Aid

Tuition Scholarship Program

Program Description

The Polish School of Charlotte provides tuition assistance to families who are interested in their children attending the school and have financial difficulties paying the tuition. Scholarship awards range depending on specific criteria and may amount up to 90% of the student’s tuition.

Any information submitted for consideration is held confidential. Only two dedicated Board members have access to financial information of an applicant and will make recommendation to the Board. Final decision on awarding the scholarship is made collectively by the Board of Directors.


Any family interested in sending their child to the school but cannot afford to pay tuition is eligible to apply for assistance. Scholarships are only provided for a current semester.

Selection Criteria

Selection is based on a financial need, the family’s commitment to the Polish School, and involvement in the Polish-American community (i.e., volunteer work at events setup, cleanup, food preparation, making of props and any materials needed for the school’s event or any events the school participates in).

Any family awarded the scholarship is required to volunteer in excess of 20 hours per semester at the Polish School of Charlotte. Students must also make an effort to attend all Polish School performances and participate in events.
These requirements will be considered in the student’s re-application and eligibility for future scholarship awards.

Application Procedure

A request for tuition assistance should be sent to One of the Board Directors will contact the applicant to guide him/her through the process.

A complete application includes the following materials:

  • A – Completed Tuition Scholarship Application
  • B – Statement of Purpose
    • Discuss why it is important to you/your family that your child learns about Polish culture and heritage. What you expect your child to gain from attending the Polish School and why your family commitment to the Polish-American community is important. (This can be in Polish or English and can be written by the student or parent.)
  • C – Signed commitment letter for selected volunteer opportunities
  • D – Copies of parent(s) W-2 & most recent Income Tax Return

Soft copies of the forms can be downloaded here. All paperwork is to be submitted in person to the Treasurer.

Notes for Re-Applicants:

  • Submit updated A, C & D documents.
  • Re-applicants are considered equally with new applicants.

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