Class Structure

We are planning to have the following classes for children in this semester (there might be some last-minute changes if we need to adjust the classes based on actual student enrollment):

  1. Krasnoludki – preschoolers
  2. Starszaki – 5-6 year old children
  3. Wilki – 7-9 year old children (beginners)
  4. Biedronki – 7-10 year old children (intermediate with Polish fluency)
  5. Smoki – 10 years and older (advanced with Polish fluency)

Children are also re-grouped for the following special-purpose classes:

Class Organization

Classes are organized in 50-minutes blocks

  • Polish language
  • Projects
  • Art/craft/dance

All educational blocks are conducted in Polish to include learning or expanding the students’ depth of knowledge of Poland’s history, geography, and culture.

Our teachers carefully plan out each semester’s curriculum to ensure students receive a fun learning experience which continues to provide growth and development in the Polish Language. Each Semester provides the students with opportunities to demonstrate their progress in performances and school events. We encourage students to participate in as many as possible.

Polish School of Charlotte provides all needed materials for classes, including books, notebooks, pencils, erasers, scissors, colored paper, glue, etc.

Teaching Old Traditions in New Lands